House Policies

  1. Charitable Gaming Centre entry is limited to persons 18 years of age or older.
  2. Persons who appear under the age of 25 will be asked to produce valid, government-issued, photo identification as proof of age.
  3. Each player must purchase at least one regular book in order to purchase or play extra cards or specials. Each Charitable Gaming Centre may have specific warm-up games or other game exceptions.
  4. The Charitable Gaming Centre reserves the right to impose a minimum purchase requirement as approved by OLG.
  5. Altering and /or splitting or cutting bingo paper/cards for the purpose of sharing between players are prohibited. Any prizes won on altered bingo paper/cards will not be honoured.
  6. Sharing of player devices or gaming product is prohibited.
  7. A gaming product is valid only for the event for which it is purchased.
  8. Bingo product cannot be reserved.
  9. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  10. Charitable Gaming Centre may require the pre-allocation of seating in certain events.
  11. Charitable Gaming Centre has the right to restrict players to one device.
  12. The bingo card numbers and serial numbers must be visible in order to verify a bingo and ensure game integrity.
  13. It is the player’s responsibility to bring their ‘Bingo’ to the Caller’s attention, either verbally or by way of a device, prior to the next number being called.
  14. For electronic bingo cards, all balls called must be acknowledged on the electronic player device, in order for the ‘Bingo’ to be valid.
  15. Any winning claim must be made before the Caller announces the game is closed in order for the claim to be valid.  In the case of a game with more than one segment / prize value, “BINGO” must be called prior to the segment being closed to be eligible for the prize value of that segment.
  16. Bingo numbers shown on the monitor are only in play once they have been announced by the caller.
  17. Prizes will ONLY be paid to the winning player/s.
  18. All prizes valued at $1000 or more are subject to a Family Responsibility Office (FRO) check. Proper government-issued identification is required to claim the prize.
  19. Charitable Gaming Centre reserves the right to limit or refuse food and/or beverage consumption purchased outside the Charitable Gaming Centre.
  20. Charitable Gaming Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.
  21. Every effort will be made to prevent duplicate cards; in the unlikely event of a duplicate card, prizes will be divided equally amongst all validated cards.
  22. For the comfort and respect of other customers, cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off or put on silent mode. Charitable Gaming Centre reserves the right to ask a customer to stop using cell phones and/or other electronic devices at any time.
  23. Foul language, bad behaviour or disrespect of other players, staff members and/or charity volunteers will not be tolerated. Customers should be respectful and failure to do so could result in being asked to leave the premises.
  24. Charitable Gaming Centre reserves the right to refuse admittance.
  25. All camera use is prohibited inside the Charitable Gaming Centre unless preauthorized by the Operator.
  26. Players may not remove tickets from inside the clear Break Open Ticket (BOT) container.
  27. Management is only permitted to sell games approved by OLG.
  28. All product offerings are subject to change at the discretion of OLG.
  29. The acceptance of foreign currency and exchange rates are subject to the discretion of the Charitable Gaming Centre management.
  30. Violation of House Rules and/or Rules for Bingo Games and/or Government Regulations may result in a player not being awarded the prize.
  31. The following individuals are not permitted access to the Charity Gaming Centre:  Individuals who appear intoxicated; those restricted from accessing the gaming site or playing a lottery scheme as a condition of a court order; those who have been excluded from the site under subsection 3.6(1) of the Gaming Control Act as noted by the Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.
  32. Consumption of cannabis or cannabis products, whether by smoking, vaping, or other means, is not permitted on any portion of premises operated by Delta Bingo & Gaming, including within any designated smoking patios, shelters, parking lots or any other enclosed or open space available for public use. Delta may ask a player that has failed to comply with this Cannabis Policy to leave the premises, and may issue a temporary trespass ban if it is reasonably required in the circumstances. Players who wish to consume cannabis can do so anywhere outside Delta Bingo & Gaming premises as may be legally permitted.
  33. Outside food & beverage is not permitted.


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