Creating a community where no child goes hungry

Our Children, Our Future is a Not for Profit Charitable Organization who is committed to securing a better future for children and their families in our community. The families they serve have knowledge and access to services, regardless of their culture, language or socio-economic diversity.  Our Children, Our Future is guided by its vision statement of: Empowering and supporting children as well as families to foster a healthy future for our communities.

Our Children, Our Future has been operating Family Resource Programs since 1995. The agency currently has 9 Licensed Daycares Centres and 4 Family Resource Centres with 11 outreach sites in the Districts of Sudbury/Manitoulin.  They are aware that access to, and distribution of healthy food has been and continues to be a challenge in our community.  Many of their programs seek to alleviate some of the stress that food insecurity places on families. Their Healthy Food for Kids initiative raises awareness and secures funds to provide proper nourishment, essential to feeding children’s bodies and minds. They strongly believe that by working together they can create a community where no child goes hungry.

Funds raised at Delta Bingo and Gaming Sudbury have contributed to providing support to over 4 thousand vulnerable children with nutritious food, infant formula and diapers in the Districts of Sudbury/Manitoulin in the past year.

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