Providing Emergency services and Shelter to Sudbury’s homeless youth

L’association des Jeunes de la Rue is a non-profit organization overseeing different programs for the homelessness population in the City of Greater Sudbury.  Their mission is “offering help to the homeless by providing a wide range of services aimed at intervention, reintegration and social and community re-adaptation”. The programs they offer help some of the less fortunate in our community.

The Foyer Notre Dame House (the only Emergency Shelter for youth in the Sudbury region) provides safe and short-term housing, basic necessities, supportive counselling and a referral service which will encourage youth between 16-19 years of age to return home, remain in school and rebuild their lives. The Community Outreach Program provides direct client services to over 1000 people every year, including referral to community resources, suicide intervention, immediate first aid, health support, and transportation to essential services such as emergency care, crisis prevention and intervention. This program also provides blankets, clothing and supplies to those in need. The Cold Alert Program makes sure that no one perishes in the cold weather. Their vehicle patrols the City of Greater Sudbury’s downtown core from 7 pm to 7 am when the temperature reaches −15°C and/or when a windchill of −20°C is projected. Last year over 2000 people were provided assistance from this program alone.

L’association des Jeunes de la Rue has been fundraising through cGaming Since 2003 and raises over $30,000 annually for their crucial programs and services.


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