Providing rehabilitation and reintegration programs to the community

The John Howard Society believes in effective, just and humane responses to crime and its causes. They are dedicated to creating genuinely safer communities by helping to foster a truly effective criminal justice system. The John Howard Society helps people reintegrate into society, thereby reducing alienation, crime and recidivism.  In short, they help people turn away from a life of crime.

They help achieve these goals in a variety of ways with a suite of programs and activities that they operate on a community-by-community basis. People can be referred through the crown attorney’s office or from defense counsel for diversion or accountability programs, from school boards or other agencies for life skills programs, and from police services for awareness and education for offenders. For example, they help with programs that focus on crime prevention, youth programming, reintegration services and restorative justice.  We visit the forgotten in jails and provide services to individuals who come into our office in dire straits.

The John Howard Society furthers the rehabilitation and the reintegration of inmates and former inmates and persons in conflict with the law into the community through their participation in visual art classes and therapy, pre-release programs and direct service work through wages, telephone, stationery, emergency funds, lodging, travel costs attributed to directly serving inmates, former inmates and persons in conflict with the law who are clients of the John Howard Society of Sudbury. They also further the rehabilitation and reintegration of youth in conflict with the law through participation in services such as music lessons, providing music instruments, horse therapy life-skills and emergency funds.

These and similar programs have been supported through cGaming at Delta Bingo and Gaming Sudbury since they opened over 30 years ago. The John Howard Society raises approximately $28,000 annually for the benefit of the people in Greater Sudbury.

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