Helping children, seniors and families in need

Canadian Royal Purple Lodge 148 is a not-for-profit group that provides assistance to the community by helping children, seniors and families in need. With the over $9,000 raised every year at Delta Bingo and Gaming Sudbury, they are able to assist countless people in the community.

This past year, funds were used to purchase a custom made helmet for a baby with autism. Funds were also used to help a family at Christmas time make sure they had food and gifts for 4 children, and the funds were used to purchase a custom stroller for a young boy that could not walk. The Canadian Royal Purple are also currently raising funds for the Maison McCulloch Hospice expansion project.

As charitable gaming is a key fundraising avenue for the group, these donations and purchases would not have been possible without the partnership with Delta and Bingo Gaming Sudbury.

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