Enhancing the Quality of life for those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

People living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis often face many financial challenges in addition to symptoms of the disease.  Funds raised through cGaming and other special events in the community are used to help purchase equipment to help enhance the quality of life of our members.  The Quality of Life Grant is used to purchase items such as wheelchairs, assisted devices and mobility aids for the home, air conditioners (the heat can be debilitating for people living with MS and cause relapses), ramps, track systems for accessibility, and more.  These vita cGaming funds are essential to ensure that everyone who needs help can access it without being placed on a waiting list for services.

The partnership and relationship that our Sudbury Chapter has with Delta Bingo and Gaming Sudbury, is immeasurable.  So much of what we do to help those in need would not be possible without the continued opportunity to fundraise through cGaming. Countless people who rely on month to month or one-time only funding would go without services if we weren’t able to fund it, because of financial limitations.  When people who live with a chronic illness don’t receive the proper care and services, it results in them being hospitalized more often, and also creates a burden on our social services and other health care agencies unnecessarily.  We are proud of the work we do and are grateful for the funds we so graciously receive through our partnership with Delta Bingo and Gaming Sudbury.  We have well over two dozen clients each month who receive services or essential equipment from month to month as a result of this fundraising. Thank You Delta for over 20 years of charitable gaming fundraising!


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