Delta St. Clair raises $30,000 for Elizabeth Fry Toronto

eftElizabeth Fry Toronto has provided programs and services to women who are, have been, or are at risk of conflict with the law. Their vision is a society that ensures all women have the dignity and capacity to make informed choices about their lives and avoid coming into the criminal justice system. Elizabeth Fry Toronto has been involved with bingo since the 1990’s. This past year, the agency received approximately $30,000 in charitable gaming funds from Delta Bingo Gaming St. Clair. Charitable gaming funds allow Elizabeth Fry Toronto to purchase much of the household supplies (food, laundry items, hygiene products) that are necessary to run their halfway house residence for women who are on provincial or federal parole. The halfway house program is one of their most important programs as it allows marginalized women to learn new skills so they can make the changes necessary to move beyond imprisonment to recidivism-free lives. Charitable gaming funds are also used to purchase TTC tokens to give clients the opportunity to travel around the city to job interviews, places of employment, school, and medical appointments. Since many of these clients have low income or are on welfare, having the means to travel to the places that are necessary for their well-being helps them with their successful transition back into society. Approximately 3,000 women are helped each year and all of these women would receive some help from cGaming!

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