Delta Pickering: Supporting a cultural anchor in the community

Whitby Historical Society operates Lynde House Museum & Visitor Centre located at 900 Brock Street South at Burns St. in Whitby. Funds raised at Delta Bingo Pickering are an integral part of providing community outreach and programming for all ages.

Their Mission: “To inspire with stories that bring the museum to life. To reach far and wide through engagement. To teach and practice sustainability (as ingenuity of our forefathers and as the practice of sustainability in life endeavor).

Lynde House promotes public interest in maintaining a living museum as an experiential interpretation of history; a cultural anchor in the community at large as a microcosm of Southern Ontario. Activities and programming for the purposes of empowering citizens
through life long learning about heritage.

We at Delta Bingo are proud to be a part of bringing these stories to the community.

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