Bringing State of the Art equipment to

Bringing State of the Art equipment to local hospitals

A fundraiser held at the Delta Bingo & Gaming in Hawkesbury on February 20, 2019 successfully raised $1,205 for the HGH Foundation’s Access 2018 Campaign in support of the purchase of a new CT scanner and MRI machine for the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH).

This event was held in addition to the HGH Foundation’s regular monthly partnership with Delta Hawkesbury, which raises substantial funds for the charity in exchange for hours provided by volunteers during regular daytime and evening bingo sessions.

The HGH Foundation has 20 bingo volunteers who contribute approximately 500 hours annually at Delta Hawkesbury, primarily welcoming and speaking with guests while also keeping tables and common areas clean.

The cheque was presented to Pierre-Luc Byham, Erin Tabakman and the team of bingo volunteers of the HGH Foundation by Jacques Perrault of Delta Bingo and Gaming and Marie Lemay, coordinator for Association Bingo Long Sault.

The HGH Foundation is very grateful to Delta Bingo and Gaming for their support of the Access 2018 campaign and to the Foundation’s bingo volunteers who made this special event and the year-long partnership possible.



About Access 2018

The Access 2018 campaign will help provide the HGH with two pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, a new CT scanner and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. The campaign objective is 4 million dollars.

The CT scanner and MRI are used to quickly diagnose and treat health conditions such as tumors, heart problems and strokes. Currently, patients have to travel to a city hospital for MRI exams. Once operational, the machines will be used approximately 15,000 times per year.

The HGH Foundation’s mission is to raise funds in order to improve the care and services offered to the community by the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital.

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