Canadian Hearing Society raised over $15,000 in 2015 at Delta Bingo Val Caron

My name is Angele Chandler and I am the Hearing Care Counsellor for the Canadian Hearing Society.  I have been in this role for over 16 years.  As a counsellor, I have witnessed the frustration, loneliness, isolation and helplessness that some people with hearing loss experience. It is difficult for others to understand the impact that hearing loss has on a person unless you have witnessed it first-hand. As a counsellor my job is to assess client’s communication needs and to educate them on options available to help them improve or enhance their communication.  It is difficult when a person is told that a hearing aid or a communication device would improve their quality of life but they cannot afford to purchase this item.

Over the years, CHS has been able to offer low income clients with the opportunity to access dollars through our client assistance fund.  These dollars are made available to us from the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association. Funds are raised at Delta Bingo Val Caron. I cannot find the words to describe the gratitude that the clients have when they are approved for funding and receive the hearing aid or needed device.

It is very difficult to choose one success story as I believe each approved application becomes a success story.  I will give you a few examples of how funds have changed the lives of our clients.

I once was contacted by a family to go in and assess their father Ben.  His wife had recently passed and he had become very withdrawn.  The family was concerned because when they attempted to call he never answered the telephone.  As a result, one of the children would drive over to the house to make sure that their father was okay.  Ben did have hearing aids but was not wearing them.  When I went in to meet with him, I found out that his wife always put his hearing aids on in the morning. She also took most of the incoming calls and also looked after personal affairs.   Ben was lost without his wife and was unsure how to move forward.  People would try to come by the house but with no hearing aids on he was not able to hear the doorbell or knock on the door.  I provided HCC support to Ben and his family for a few months. I helped him complete an application for funding and was able to get him the needed devices in his home that would allow him to hear his telephone, door and smoke detector. This system was used with a lamp and the flashing light to alert him of the sound.  I also worked with him and provided hands on training on how to insert his hearing aids.  He had arthritis in his hands and sometimes would struggle but with practice and patience he was able to insert the hearing aids with confidence.  With the help of the alerting system in place along with his hearing aids in his ears, he was able to take pride in doing many things on his own.  He also began going out a bit more and becoming more active.

Ben was very grateful for the support provided to him.  The alerting system gave him peace of mind knowing that in the event of a fire he would be woken up with his alerting bed-shaker. The fund also allowed him to get an amplified telephone.  The telephone increased the volume on the handset and this allowed him to converse with ease.  Over time he was able to make calls on his own.  His independence was restored and he was able to move forward and live out the rest of his life.

This is just one of many examples outlining how Delta Bingo Val Caron has allowed us to help our clients. Many people who access our services are in need of hearing aids and due to their limited income are unable to afford them.  They have no choice but to struggle to engage in day to day life.  Over time and without help and resources, people become isolated and withdrawn.  Delta Bingo Val Caron provides us with the funds to help enable persons with hearing loss to obtain hearing aids and communication devices which in turn provide ongoing independence.

THANK YOU Delta Bingo Val Caron!

*Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) raised over $15, 000.00 in 2015 volunteering at Delta Bingo Val Caron.


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