Delta Bingo program

You’ll be a Pro in no time! – How to Read Delta’s Bingo Program

If you haven’t been to Bingo in years or have never been, we want you to feel comfortable.  One of the fun parts at Delta is learning how to read our Bingo Program.  Yes, there is a program!

Our Bingo Program is a tool to help you follow along by highlighting what games you are playing, what pattern you are playing for and what your jackpot prize payout may be.

How to read Delta’s Bingo Program:

All “Regular Games” are included in the Bingo book you purchase.  If you want to join the other games, i.e. Early Bird Jackpot, Super Jackpot – you will have to purchase bingo cards for these separately.  (This is for anything that says “Not in Book”).

Regular Game is included in your standard bingo book, the colour listed describes the colour of bingo card in your book you will be playing.  The middle column tells you what pattern you are playing for, i.e. 1 line hardway, and then the last column lists the potential jackpot prize payout.

Easy right!  Now get dabbing and have fun.

Tip:  Players usually dab each row once they’ve played the game.

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