World Series of Bingo 

May 1st – October 31st
$105,000 prize board!

$50,000 final jackpot!

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This Event takes place Saturday, November, 9th 2019 at Delta Bingo & Gaming Laurel, MD

How to Win A Ticket

Bingo Play:

*Player must have Inner Circle Card

  1.  A 3 on game card will be sold for $2.00 each. All customers who purchase the special, will play a special bingo game for a 2 Line the hard way pattern. The single winner of the 2 Lines the hard way pattern will receive 1 ticket to the “World Series of Bingo” event plus a cash prize of $300, and $200 in free play for bingo and Etab machines. In the event of more than one winner on the 2 Line the hard way pattern, an elimination procedure will be held. The elimination procedure will work as follows:
    1. Multiple winners of the 2 lines the hard way pattern will compete.
    2. One (1) bingo ball will be called and if a winner(s) does not have that number on the same card as their 2 line the hard way pattern, then they will be eliminated.
    3. If a situation occurs where the remaining winners all do not have the number called, then those were still eligible at that point in the game, will have another opportunity and another ball will be called. This procedure will continue until only one (1) customer is left.
    4. The last person left shall be declared the single winner and receive the prize of one (1) ticket to the “World Series of Bingo” event plus a cash prize of $300, also $200 in free play for both bingo and etab machines.

Hot Seat Machine Drawing:

  1. To be entered into the weekly drawing player will need to play with their Inner Circle Card in any etab machine to receive entry for drawing:
    1. Laurel Drawings:  One (1) winner will be selected every week between 6pm – 8pm, starting Friday, May 3rd and we will continue to select one (1) winner per week every Friday’s until October 25th.
    2. Wayson’s Drawings:  One (1) winner will be selected every week between 6pm – 8pm, starting Tuesday, May 7th and we will continue to select one (1) winner per week every Tuesday’s until October 29th.

Game Information

  1. The WSOB game will be conducted at every evening session, and Saturday | Sunday for laurel, and every session at Wayson’s starting May 1st  and the last chance to win being conducted on Oct 31st 2019. All customers will be notified by announcement in the hall, when the final WSOB game will end.
  2. Upon being declared the winner, the customer will receive $300 cash, $200 in free play, and 1 ticket to be redeemed on the date of the “World Series of Bingo” for 1-9card of all games on that day’s program. All other side games are not included (pull tabs, drawing, and other sponsored prizing)
  3. The Delta Bingo & Gaming “World Series of Bingo” will be held on Saturday November 9th2019 at 1:00pm


The prize(s) to be awarded for each session: One (1) ticket to the “World Series of Bingo” event plus a cash prize of $300, and $200 in free play which will be split 100/100 on bingo/Etabs machines.

Delta Bingo & Gaming’s “World Series of Bingo” event will have a guaranteed bingo prize board of $105,000 including final jackpot of $50,000. Additional side game/drawing prizes will be available with separate purchase to those individual side games.

Official WSOB Game Rules

  1. It is expressly understood and agreed by all that Delta Bingo & Gaming can not accept any responsibility, in whole or part, for loss, damage or injury, however caused, in connection with the prize or the conduct of the special game.
  2. All winning cards are, a, the property of Delta Bingo & Gaming and none will be returned. Cards that have been obtained through fraudulent means are subject to disqualification. Delta Bingo & Gaming is not responsible for cards lost, stolen, late, incomplete, illegible, damaged, mutilated, misdirected, misidentified, destroyed or delayed, for any reason whatsoever. All decisions made by Delta Bingo & Gaming with respect to this special game, are final.
  3. The winner(s) will be required to sign a declaration and release, confirming special game eligibility compliance with rules releasing Delta Bingo & Gaming from any liability connected to the conduct of the special game or the awarding of the prize before receiving the prize. By playing this special game, the winner(s) agrees to the use of his/her name, address for mailing, voice, image, photograph or other likeness of, for publicity purposes without compensation.
  4. These rules represent copyrighted material of Delta Bingo & Gaming.
  5. All references to times and dates reflect the Eastern Standard Time Zone.
  6. Delta Bingo & Gaming are not responsible for commencing, continuing or completing the special game or the awarding of the prizes, in the event of circumstances beyond the control of Delta Bingo & Gaming.
  7. Delta Bingo & Gaming will not assume any responsibility for any charges connected to the awarding of any prize(s)
  8. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this special game at any time.
  9. These Official Rules govern the special game and must be followed.

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