Wild at Heart Education

“Although wildlife rehabilitation is our main priority, wildlife education is equally as important. Did you know that most animals are admitted into wildlife rehabilitation sanctuaries because of human activity? Thus, as our population increases, and our cities expand into natural habitats, more animals become at risk of injury. With animals and humans interacting more and more every year, educating the public on animal welfare has become increasingly important.

Education is a large part of wildlife rehabilitation because it can prevent many animals from being admitted into wildlife sanctuaries when they do not need to be. This is why at Wild at Heart, we not only use money from donations for animal care, but for educational workshops. We have many resources to use for teaching, including a cupboard full of educational games, reading material, animal skulls, track imprints, and feathers. We are able to run many of these educational programs with the money we raise from fundraising. One of our biggest fundraisers comes from our partnership with Delta Bingo and Gaming. With their help we hope to continue to raise money that can be used to expand further into public education.”


Read more here: http://wahrefugecentre.org/

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