What are “Balls Tickets”?

At most Delta/Boardwalk locations, players have the option to purchase “break-open tickets”, commonly referred to as “Balls tickets”. These are sold separately on the gaming floor by a staff member with a cart and a clear plastic box full of available tickets. Cost per ticket is $1.

Objective: Once you purchase the balls tickets, break open the tabs to see what they reveal. The objective is to get a ticket with all matching symbols for an instant cash prize, or to get a ticket with three bingo numbers on them, to be played during that bingo session for a chance to win a set prize and a progressive jackpot. Tickets with mismatched symbols are considered losing tickets and can be discarded.

Tickets with bingo numbers on them are to be played during that bingo session. The caller will announce on what game balls tickets are to be played. If a number called during the specified session in on the balls ticket, player is to use their dabber to mark that number. A $200 guaranteed prize is paid to the first person to dab the 3 bingo ball numbers on their ticket. If a player dabs each number on the ticket, they yell “BALLS!” A staff member will then come over to verify that each number on the ticket has been called and dabbed. Once the ticket is validated as a winning one, the winner must pick a number from 1 to 10 for a chance at winning the progressive prize. Once a winner is confirmed, all other tickets for that game are void and can no longer be played.

Some locations may have different renditions of the balls tickets with names such as “Maniac balls” and “double action balls”. There will be some differences with how these balls tickets are played. Be sure to ask a staff member to explain the difference to you.

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