Supporting the Greater Sudbury area in a big way

Les Filles d’Isabelle #1377 raised over $17, 000 in 2017 volunteering at Delta (Boardwalk) Bingo & Gaming Val Caron. Patricia Pelto, Treasurer says they are so grateful to Delta Val Caron. Being a relatively new charitable gaming member, they have been able to donate to other organizations in Greater Sudbury in a much bigger way! While Filles d’Isabelle continue to offer their spiritual graces to their church, youth, and enrich seniors lives, they can now help monetarily in the community that require more funding for their programs. Delta Bingo & Gaming  allows our aging membership a venue to raise money so that they can also feel like an important part of our family and to our community.

THANK YOU Delta Bingo & Gaming Val Caron!

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