Preserving the Military History of the Niagara Peninsula

The Niagara Military Museum is a tri-service (land,sea and air) military museum that “Preserves and Shares the Military History of the Niagara Peninsula” with an emphasis on military activities in the Armoury since it was erected in 1911. The Niagara Military Museum is located in the historic Niagara Falls Armoury, Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls and it was to guard the frontier from the possibility of invasion by the United States of America.  It functioned as a military establishment until late 1999 when the Department of National Defense closed the building. It now belongs to the City of Niagara Falls.

The funds that come to the Niagara Military Museum from the Bingo Events are absolutely vital for funding the day to day operations and museum related activities of the Niagara Military Museum. For example, purchases such as Liability Insurance, office expenses, telephone and Internet.  Museum activities include constructing displays, purchasing expensive supplies for artifact restoration and preservation and the occasional purchase of artifacts for display.

“Our volunteers always try to greet the patrons at the main door of the Hall and wish them all of the best of luck. We do this small gesture to show our appreciation for the players coming out to play and as a result of their patronage the Niagara Military Museum can continue to exist. With many thanks to the patrons/players of the Delta Bingo Hall of Niagara Falls”, Jim Doherty, President, Niagara Military Museum.

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