Peterborough Humane Society partners with Delta Bingo to save lives

The Peterborough Human Society helps 1,300 animals that come through their doors each year. Most of these animals are placed in “forever homes” in the community.

On March 31st, one of our officers received an emergency page after hours reporting that a dog had been hit by a vehicle in Peterborough. Police were on scene and began transporting the injured dog to an emergency animal hospital. Our officer promptly met the police at the animal hospital and the veterinary team began assessing his injuries. The owner of the dog arrived at the hospital and decided to surrender “Banjo” to the Peterborough Humane Society.

A thorough physical examination revealed deep lacerations to both of Banjo’s hind legs. Banjo was given pain relief medication and started on antibiotics to help fight infection. He was stabilized overnight and after x-rays determined he had not fractured any bones, he went into surgery the following morning. Banjo required multiple stitches to close the wounds caused by the accident. He was later transferred to our shelter where he received ongoing care and treatment by the staff. Banjo’s bandages and sutures were removed on April 13th. He had made huge progress on his road to recovery. After some more time to recover, Banjo’s mobility was completely back to normal.

He found his forever home on April 23rd.

The cost of his care was estimated at around $1,000. Without the support of Delta Bingo & Gaming Peterborough, we might not be able to help dogs like Banjo, who face large medical bills.

(Pictured: Banjo and his new owner)

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