Over 10,000 last year for Valley East Ringette

Valley East Ringette is a non profit sports organization that operates out of Val Caron and last year they raised $11,642.53 at Delta Bingo!

“We use our cGaming money mainly to subsidize our very large and increasing high Ice bills,” said Sandra Hinksman, President, Valley East Ringette. “This can hit in the tune of $35,000.00 – $40,000.00 per year.”

“I can’t stress enough to our membership how important it is to have this as income to our organization. Truly without this, immediately our fee’s would go up $100 per member and we would not be able to offer the subsidized Bunny program.  We are seeing an increase in “multiple” family members joining which is fantastic, but can be very costly to them as well. But I do believe with our budget we can keep our costs considerably less than other Ice sports.”


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