Funds raised at Delta Bingo are helping the St. Catharines Hospital Auxiliary

St. Catharines Hospital Auxiliary
Delta Bingo St. Catharines

The St. Catharines Hospital Auxiliary began in 1865 by a group of seven dedicated women. This was the first Hospital Auxiliary in Canada and possibly North America. Ways of raising money included a “Calico Ball”, Strawberry Festival, High Teas, kettle drum entertainment, and Trolley Ride events and the making of many jars of jam.

In June 2015, the St. Catharines Hospital Auxiliary celebrated its 150th Anniversary. The organizations mandate is the same today as it was in 1865, to raise money to improve the care of its patients.

Today, the St. Catharines Hospital Auxiliary raises money through teas, luncheons, penny sales, theatre nights, flea markets, raffles, break open ticket sales, bake sales, Bazaars, card parties, golf tournaments, food tapes, Second Look Nook sales (gently used clothing) and knitting sales, vendors program, Christmas wrap and,  of course, Bingo! These are just a few ways that funds are raised.

In March 2011, the Auxiliary pledged 1.2 million dollars to support the St. Catharines Hospital over a five year period, with $35,000 coming from bingo proceeds.  The Auxiliary’s final installment of its 1.2 million pledge will be made in 2016.

Over the years, bingo revenues have been donated to the St. Catharines General Hospital, including:

  • $33,223 to help purchase equipment for the Endoscopy department;
  • $13,750 for five IV pumps for the operating room;
  • $12,736 for two dual IV pumps for the ICU;
  • $4,900 for one Alaris Monitor to continuously monitor a patients respiratory status;
  • $19,100 for a BariMaxx Bed, a special bed for patients that weigh over 500 lbs;
  • $2,400 for Mental Health Recreation;
  • $2,997 a flag pole and two flags; and,
  • $35,000 towards the Auxiliary’s 1.2 million dollar pledge.

Over the decades, the Auxiliary has donated over 7.4 million from all revenue sources.

The St. Catharines Hospital Auxiliary continues to look forward to raising charitable gaming funds at Delta Gaming St. Catharines and having the opportunity to let the public know that through their participation at Bingo, everyone wins!

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