Facebook Bingo FAQ’s

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:


1) How do I get a bingo card?

  1. You must register to receive a card. Registration forms are posted in the Facebook Event and close once they fill up. We can only add a specific number of participants for each game for efficiency. Often times, the form fills up very quickly and only those who entered their information before the entries are all filled will be considered. It is announced on the Facebook event page when the next sign up form will be posted and how many entries are available. You must enter a valid email address in order to receive a card. Duplicate entries are deleted.

2) Can I use a card from previous games?

  1. Only cards sent out as of Monday, April 13th are valid for upcoming games. We have officially switched over to a DELTA CARD that will allow us to verify bingos faster. Any cards that were sent out from March 26 through April 8 to play games 1 – 5, are no longer valid. If you entered and received a Delta card on or after April 13th, this card is valid for future games, unless otherwise specified.  You do not need to register for each game if you have the Delta card.

3) Where do I play once I have my card?

  1. Bingo calls will take place via Facebook live . Watch our live stream video and follow along with the ball calls in order to play.  The link to our live video will also be posted in our Facebook event  prior to game start. The date and time of the game is announced days in advance so that players know when to tune in. Be sure to select “interested” on the event page to ensure you are receiving notifications.

4)  How do I play with my card?

  1. There are plenty of options to choose from!  You can print out the card, physically write it out or edit the card on  an electronic device.

5) When is my next chance to enter for a card or play a game?

  1. Both the sign up forms and online games are not on a schedule. An announcement is made in the Facebook event a couple days before a sign up form is posted or a game is played. Announcements for sign up forms will include the exact date and time the form will be posted, as well as the number of entries being accepted. The exact date and time of an upcoming game will also be detailed on the event page days in advance.
  2. REMINDER: In cases where cards can be used for multiple games, only one entry per person is allowed. You do not need to register for each game if you have the Delta card. Duplicate emails addresses submitted to receive additional cards will be deleted.

6) How much does it cost to play?

  1. FREE!

7) What can I win?

  1. Gift Certificates! All participants will be playing for the DESIGNATED PATTERN for a chance to win a $25 Delta Bingo Gift Certificate AND a FULL CARD for a chance to win a $100 Delta Bingo Gift Certificate! Caller will announce and explain the desired pattern at the beginning of each game. All winners receive the same prize. The prize is not split amongst winners. These Gift Certificates will be available for pick up at your home Delta location when it reopens. Must show valid ID upon pick up.

8) Will you be adding more games for people to play on weekends and in the evenings?

  1. We are continuously making changes to the game to make it better for everyone. As we discover new ways to bring more bingo to more people, we will definitely be adding more games at a variety of different times.


Our main goal is to keep bingo lovers engaged, while having fun!

Thank you for your patience.


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