Enriching the lives of people with Down Syndrome and their families

The Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough is a non-profit charitable organization that supports families and persons with Down syndrome. Our mission is to support each other to normalize and enrich the lives of people with Down syndrome to ensure that they reach their fullest potential and live a meaningful life.

Funds raised at Delta Bingo Peterborough support the following programs:

–          New Parent Program

–          Life Skills Program

–          Social and Recreational Program

–          March Break Camp

–          Respite

–          Summer School Program

–          School Support Program


We support approximately 70 families, including extended families, school partners, medical partners and other resource programs in the community on their behalf.

Families require respite support when dealing with a child with special needs and we provide that through our life skills program and a camp program during March break each year. Without the funds from Delta Bingo, we would not be able to offer many of these support programs for the families that need them.


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