Drive-in Bingo

Drive In Bingo – Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: If the Province forces the gaming centre to close, will Drive In Bingo still happen?

A: Provincial mandates have not affected Delta’s Drive In Bingo events.  Any potential last minute changes or cancellations will result in full refunds for all attendees.


Q: Can I play if I am not in a car?

A: No. Only those who are in a vehicle that has reserved a space are eligible to play. You can not reserve a space for lawn chairs or other seating. All players must be inside a vehicle.


Q: Can I buy my bingo package ahead of time?

A: No. Bingo packages are only available for purchase on site on game day.


Q: Can I buy extra cards or buy more than one package?

A: Minimum purchase of one (1) bingo package per person required. Additional bingo packages are available for purchase while supplies last.


Q: Will there be verifiers or electronic bingo options?

A: No. Packages will be paper only.


Q: It will be difficult to dab a 3-strip in my car. Will there be something I can use to make dabbing easier?

A: Yes. Each package will come with a lap support board for easy dabbing.


Q: Can I use debit to buy my package on site?

A: No. All packages must be purchased for CASH.


Q: Will the ATM be available?

A: No. Please ensure you bring cash with you.


Q: Can I choose my own parking spot?

A: As registered vehicles arrive on site, they will be directed to a specific parking space by a Delta representative.


Q: Can I bring someone who is underage in the vehicle if they are not playing?

A: No. Everyone in the vehicle must be 18 years of age or older. All passengers must have ID. Failure to produce ID will result in denied entry to the parking lot and reservation fee will not be refunded. No vehicle will be permitted entry if any passenger is a minor.


Q: How will I hear the caller?

A: The game will be broadcast though an FM transmitter and players can tune in to the designated station on their car radio to follow along. Exact station will be shared with all players on game day.


Q: Where will the caller be?

A: The caller will be stationed inside the facility


Q: How do I call BINGO?

A: HONK YOUR HORN AND FLASH YOUR LIGHTS and a staff member will come over to your vehicle to verify your card.


Q: If I win, how do I get my prize?

A: Once your card has been validated, a staff member will come to your vehicle to perform the payout.


Q: Do I have to stay in my car?

A: We ask that all attendees remain in their vehicle as much as possible to ensure we are not in violation of social gathering by-laws. At some centres, it may be required for you to exit your vehicle to purchase your Bingo package. These instructions will be clearly shared with each attendee upon arrival.


Q: Will there be washrooms available?

A: We will allow players to use the washroom inside the facility if needed. YOU MUST BE WEARING A MASK TO ACCESS THE WASHROOMS. Wait times for washroom access may be longer than usual.


Q: Will there be any breaks during the game?

A: No. All games will be played straight through without any breaks or intermission.


Q: Will food or drink be available for purchase?

A: No. We are not permitted to sell food or beverage at these events at this time. You are encouraged to bring drinks and snacks with you to enjoy in your vehicle during the game.


Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: Masks are mandatory anytime there is contact with someone from outside your vehicle.


Q: What happens if my radio does not work?

A: If you do not have a functioning car radio, you must bring a FM radio with you.


Q: I don’t drive. Can I still play?

A: If you have someone who can bring you in their vehicle and stay for the duration of the game, you can still play. All players must be in a vehicle.


Q: Can I sit outside the car and play along?

A: No. All players must remain in their vehicle at all times.


Q: Can I come on a bike or motorcycle?

A: No. Bikes and motorcycles will not be permitted.


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: These events will take place rain or shine. Please come prepared for the weather conditions.

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