Delta St. Clair brings over 300 gifts to Children of Carlton Village

Thanks to the generous donations we received from customers throughout the month, we were able to bring over 300 gifts to the children of Carlton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy. Our customers placed a total of 160 toys under our St. Clair Christmas tree for the children, and another 150 were donated on behalf of Delta Bingo & Gaming.

Facility Manager, Andy, dressed as Santa Claus to deliver the gifts and surprise the students at a Christmas assembly. The entire gymnasium erupted in applause for Old St. Nick, and the students were thrilled to receive these unexpected presents, just in time for Christmas.

Delta St. Clair has established a meaningful relationship with Carlton Village over the past year. This summer, Delta had donated $50,000 to help support the Academy’s nutrition program, that had been struggling due to funding shortfalls. We were excited to visit these students again, and bring a little extra cheer this holiday season.

Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures and videos of Santa’s visit.

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