Delta St. Catharines Supports Ridley Graduate Boat Club

“We have a good group of Junior rowers each summer, who have been fortunate to row in very good equipment, partially due to the fund raising efforts of bingo [at Delta Bingo St. Catharines].  This summer, these 2 athletes competed for their school in the spring and went to a regatta in England, and then returned for a very competitive summer here in Ontario.  Delta St. Catharines Supports Ridley Graduate Boat Club

In 2018, Ridley Graduate Boat Club used almost $20,000 of bingo funds to purchase 2 boats, sculling oars and also uniforms for our rowers!  These boats are very popular and highly competitive!

All of our members are truly appreciative of the benefits of the bingo funds and recognize the impact they have had on our equipment, our expenses and our ability to support the rowers. We have shown off the banner at the regatta as well as in our boathouse area. ”

-Nancy Storrs, Ridley Graduate Boat Club Captain


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