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Delta Bingo: Downsview Recognized as Business of the Month

Written by: Sean Delaney, Emery Village Voice 

With dedication to over 750 local charities, the Delta Group of Bingo and Gaming centres have raised over $64 Million dollars.

Delta Bingo has been in Emery Village for 16 years. Not only providing some of the best entertainment the area has to offer, but also helping grow the community it calls home. And it is for that charity involvement that the business is being named the Emery Village Voice Business of the Month.
Delta moved from Wilson Heights and began building a large network of local charities. The Bingo hall offers constant Bingo gaming throughout the day with the option of paper or digital Bingo.
The building can seat a whopping 500 people, and has free games on Saturday nights.  “A lot of customers use it for a social event,” general manager Joan Morgan said. “We get all ages, everyone. They come with their family and friends and donate to charities which are in the City of Toronto.”

How to play

Plan to arrive 20 to 30 min. early.
Bingo occurs at set times throughout the day.
Bingo sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours.
Extras:  Delta balls.
One dollar chances to win cash prizes.

The best part for the customer and gamer is that a percentage of the proceeds from all of the gaming is split between dozens of local charities, on display at the hall.  “We have hockey clubs that come in, soccer clubs, dance groups that participated in the Olympics,” Morgan said. “And the proceeds go toward coaching and to buy uniforms for the dancers, so they can travel, all sorts of things.  “A lot of charities are staying open because of the Bingo that wouldn’t otherwise survive.”  But on top of it all Morgan is a good businesswoman, and she knows the most important aspect of running a business is customer service.  The hall prides themselves on making every experience a great experience.  “Even if you don’t win a lot, we want you to be just happy to be participating in bingo.”


Delta Bingo is located at 1868 Wilson Ave in Toronto Ontario.

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