Delta Bingo at Home – FAQ

Delta Bingo at Home - FAQ Delta Bingo at Home – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I play?

1. Buy your cards online through Eventbrite

2. Pick-up your cards curbside at a Delta near you on the designated dates

3. Tune into YouTube Live on game day and play along!


Where can I find the unique link to access the Live stream?

The unique link will be included in the order confirmation emailed out after each purchase via Eventbrite and on card sleeves players receive during curbside pick-up. Each game date has a unique link associated with it’s live stream.


How do I call Bingo?

Type ‘Bingo’ and your card number (found in the Free Space or bottom right hand corner) into the comment section of the Live stream video.


Where can I pick-up my pre-paid cards?

Pre-paid cards can be picked up from one of our 18 Ontario locations during the designated curbside times.



Why can’t I pick-up multiple week’s cards at the same time?

Due to licensing parameters, we are unable to distribute Delta Bingo at Home tickets for multiple weeks at a time. All aspects of the game’s execution are governed by these procedures and have many logistical implications. We are always working on ways to make the game and purchasing process easier and more efficient for everyone. We will continue to improve the customer experience while working within the licensing framework.


Can someone pick-up cards on my behalf?

Yes, you may designate an alternative person to pick-up your order at the time of purchase. Cards will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the order details. Must have Government Issued Photo ID for pick-up.


How do I talk to someone?

To speak with a Delta representative, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What happens if I win? How do I collect my prize?

Winners must email to arrange prizing details.


What happens if I complete the second pattern before the first?

This isn’t a likely scenario, but it can happen!  Type ‘Bingo’ and your card number (found in the Free Space or bottom right-hand corner) into the comment section of the live stream video and the caller will review your card. If verified as a good bingo,  you will still receive the associated prize for that pattern, even if the first pattern has not been won.


Delta Bingo at Home - FAQfaltWhere can I find my card number?

Your card number can be found in the ‘Free Space’ square or in the bottom right-hand corner.




How do I create a YouTube account?

Please watch this video for full instruction on using a YouTube account.


How do I find the chat on my mobile/tablet device?

Please watch this video for full instruction on using accessing the YouTube Live chat when using a mobile or tablet device.


Why can’t this series be played by location?

Due to licensing parameters, Delta Bingo at Home must be hosted out of one central hub, and all aspects of the game must stem from this hub. Creating individual games for each unique site is not possible logistically, or under our current license.



Delta Bingo at Home - FAQ

What does ‘EXTENDED’ mean?

Delta Bingo at Home EXTENDED features a longer session with more games!


What can I win by playing the ‘EXTENDED’ game?

You can find full program details here.


What is the difference between dab-all and random cards?

The difference between dab-all and random cards is how often a number can occur on the card.

Delta Bingo at Home - FAQ


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