Delta Bingo at Home & Delta’s 50/50 Draw Funds Support Vita Centre Mississauga


Vita Centre would like to thank Delta Mississauga and the community for the opportunity to continue to receive funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely grateful for your continued fundraising efforts as the funds raised through Delta Mississauga have supported us in “keeping our doors open” to continue to support vulnerable families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not having to worry about how we were going to cover certain program related expenses allowed us to focus on modifying all of our in-person programs and services in order to deliver them telephonically as well as virtually in order to continue to meet the growing needs of our client families as well as those of the community.

Our Counsellors have been meeting with clients telephonically right from the beginning of the pandemic and in the last 8 months, have also been able to provide virtual counselling via video conferencing to those clients that still want the experience of visually connecting with their Counsellor. As well, all of our group programs, which are designed to enhance parenting capacity and confidence, have also been successfully modified and are now being delivered virtually to vulnerable families in the community.  Using contactless delivery methods, staff and volunteers having been delivering high needs items such as diapers, wipes, formula, food, etc., to client families from our Care Closet. All of this has been possible with the support of Delta Mississauga

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