Committed Support of Niagara Action for Animals

This is Twinkies, one of the many bunnies that has been helped through the continued and committed support of Niagara Action for Animals.

“In recent months, from beginning of August 2018 through the end of March 2019, we have found loving homes for 32 animals.  We spayed & neutered 102 animals and we aided with 71 distress’ situations.  Some of those spays/neuters include rabbits.  NAFA partnered with the Lincoln County Humane Society back in November of 2014 to ensure all rabbits that are adopted from the shelter are also fixed. We have spayed or neutered a total of 294 rabbits since that time in an effort to assist homeless bunnies who arrive at the shelter.

We have also co-sponsored many speakers at Brock University in the ‘Thinking About Animals’ series – most recently, Lori Marino of the Whale Sanctuary Project.

The monies earned from Delta Bingo help us greatly to keep these programs going.  It provides a relatively stable amount each month that we can rely on.”

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