Boxing and Bingo go hand in hand!

Ajax Boxing Club
Delta Bingo Pickering

Charitable gaming funds are a huge part of the success of the Ajax Boxing Club.  The funds support youth  who cannot afford to participate in the club’s highly structured boxing programs. The Ajax Boxing Club waives fees for youth members in need who would otherwise would not be able to participate in programs of any kind.

Funding from cGaming supports the Ajax Boxing Club by paying for:

  • new equipment,
  • facilities rent, and
  • coaching expenses.

In 2014, the Ajax Boxing Club was ecstatic to receive funds as they desperately needed to replace their old ring which was starting to show safety issues. The new ring arrived and was installed in February.

New Ring

New Ring

Old Ring

Old Ring


They were also able to purchase all new heavy bags to replace the old ones that were worn and weathered, plus new sparring gloves for the boxers. The spirit of the club is soaring.  These purchases were ALL made possible by charitable gaming funds raised at Delta Gaming Pickering. The equipment purchases have not only increased the appeal to local youths it has also created a safer environment for them to train.

Due to the fact that rent is paid for by charitable gaming funds, the Ajax Boxing Club is able to keep rates extremely low in comparison to other similar facilities, which has allowed the boxing club to expand its reach deeper into the community.children at Boxing ring

Providing a structured, disciplined environment for youths is critical for their development and it benefits the surrounding community. It is a proven fact that communities with little or no programs for youth have higher crime rates hindering the community as a whole. Youths who are not involved in programs are more likely to turn to the streets and get into trouble.

Over 5 years ago, this organization ran bingos Hideaway Bingo, located in Whitby.  Unfortunately, Hideaway Bingo closed its’ doors and the Ajax Boxing Club went without funding for over a year.  With regret their programs began to crumble without charitable gaming funding and sadly some youth fell through the cracks.

The programs were saved from the brink of shutting down, when the organization was able to fundraise with the Pickering Charitable Gaming Association at Delta Bingo.  As of 2014, they have well over 200 youth members participating in their programs, building self-confidence, social skills and enhancing their athletic abilities.  This is all made possible by charitable gaming.

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