Funds raised benefit over 1,000 youth in Hawkesbury

The Hawkesbury Minor Baseball Association has been collecting funds through Boardwalk Gaming Hawkesbury for over 12 years. The organization is comprised of 4 teams of youth between 5 and 14 years old playing T-Ball, Minor, Major, and Junior baseball. Playing baseball allows these children to build on their teamwork, collaboration, and self-confidence. The league also offers the opportunity for youth to make new friends from different schools, enjoy the outdoors all summer long, and provide a positive environment for a healthy mind and body.

Over 1,000 youth have benefited from the funds raised. Monies are used to purchase equipment such as baseball bats, balls, gloves, goals, as well as cover the costs of storage during the off-season. Funds are also used for team uniforms (shirts, pants, socks, hats, etc.) and renting the field. Since bingo is the main source of funding for the league, we wouldn’t be able to operate without our partnership with Boardwalk Gaming Hawkesbury.

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