Bingo: a “win-win” for the community

Twice a month, Delta Bingo hosts a bingo fundraiser to help the students of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School in St. Catharines.

A portion of the money generated on those specific nights provides students with many benefits.  All grade levels reap the benefits of these bingo contributions.  The money is used to purchase valuable technology such as Chromebooks and funds exciting events such as author visits, movie nights, 100th Day celebrations and puppet shows.  Transportation to co-curricular events and trips (sports, chess, Scrabble events, etc.) is also covered as a result of these charitable bingo events.  Specialized programs such as, “You’re the Chef” and fun additions to graduation celebrations, such as a DJ, are also made possible as a result of this funding.  The school is even in the process of saving money to purchase new Kindergarten playground equipment.

Mrs. Costantini, a teacher at Our Lady of Fatima, believes that the funding provided by Delta Bingo has had a positive impact on the school community.  “We are very fortunate to have the support of the OLG, Delta Bingo Sponsors Association of St. Catharines and Delta Bingo & Gaming.  The students have benefited so much as a result of their generosity, and both the students and staff are grateful for this!” Nathan Boudreau, a grade eight student, also agrees.  “Bingo can be very useful if we put the money in the right places.  I think we are using the money wisely.” It turns out that Bingo is a real “win-win” for this community!

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