The Adult Literacy Council of For Erie

The Adult Literacy Council of For Erie

The Adult Literacy Council of Greater Fort Erie is a dedicated, volunteer-driven registered charity that promotes literacy and actively empowers adult learning partnerships for personal enrichment in the community.  ALC was founded in November 1978 to provide help in basic reading, writing and math for members of the community who were no longer in the school system. The first tutor training workshop was held in January 1979 and since that time volunteer tutors have been matched with learners on an ongoing basis.

All of ALC’s tutoring is one-on-one and has grown over the years to include one-on-one ESL tutoring as well as preparing students for their GED.  There is no cost to the learners.

ALC enjoys fundraising with their many community partners and appreciate the exposure and funding they receive through Delta Bingo & Gaming Uncle Sam’s.  Through the various programs offered approximately 260 individuals are helped every year.


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