$55,000 to Our Children, Our Future

“Our Children, Our Future is a not-for-profit charitable local organization who is committed to securing a better future for children and families within the District of Sudbury/Manitoulin.  Our philosophy is a culture of caring and meeting the needs of our community. On a regular basis, we service over one-thousand vulnerable families with young children.  The funds we receive from Delta Bingo go directly to supporting our Healthy Food for Kids initiative, to purchasing the healthy food needed in our Infant Food Cupboard and Food Security programs.  That includes providing infant formula or milk, diapers – or fresh fruits and vegetables to those who need immediate help. We couldn’t put healthy food in the hands of hungry children without your help. Your ongoing efforts to help organizations like ours will make a tremendous impact as we currently see the increasing needs in our communities. Thank You.


Delta Bingo has been selected as a recipient of our Champions for Children Awards for many wonderful reasons. One of them being the incredible impact they have made on our fundraising in the past 3 years, helping us raise over $55 thousand dollars towards our Healthy Food for Kids Initiative, in turn, providing food security to our most vulnerable children and their families in our communities.”

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