Assisting Sudbury’s Homeless Youth

Chevalier de Colomb presented a cheque for $1,000 to l’Association des Jeunes de la Rue with the proceeds raised through volunteering at Delta Bingo & Gamin Val Caron.


L’Association des Jeunes de la Rue offers two programs:

  1. Foyer Notre Dame House is a fully bilingual program designed to assist homeless youth between the ages 16 to 24. Their goal is to assist each youth in achieving family reintegration, to undergo functional life skills training, to achieve vocational scholastic reintegration and to reach self-sufficiency and personal independence.
  2. Cold Alert: Their vehicle patrols the City of Greater Sudbury’s downtown core from 7pm to 7am when the temperature reaches -15 degrees and/or when a windchill of -20 degrees is projected.


Delta Bingo Val Caron is proud to partner with organizations that are making such a difference in our community.



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