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Hall: Pickering

Daytime caller: Vince

Evening caller: Chandelle

Daytime manager: Dave

Evening manager: Murray

POD Progressive Jackpot

$ 15213  

October 31   

Delta Jackpot Balls Progressive

$ 100  

October 31   915am

Super Jackpot

$ 2000   In 53 numbers or less

October 31   915am

Player's Progressive

$ 6469   In 50 numbers or less

October 31   915am

Turbo Challenge

$ 1000   In 5 numbers or less

October 31   915am


$ 5000   In 51 numbers or less

October 31   915am

High 5

$ 10000   in 41 numbers or less

October 31   915am

Super G

$ 2400  

October 31   915am

Pre-quickie Warmup - Quick Cash Only

$ 1000   In 25 numbers or less

October 31   6:10pm

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