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Hall: Oakville

Daytime caller: John

Evening caller: John

Daytime manager: Julie

Evening manager: Julie

Tuesday $2 a Stip...... 12 X $1000 Program now every Friday and Saturday @ 7:00pm... 7 X $1000 Program now every Friday and Saturday @ 10:00pm... 3 x $1500 Program every Wednesday at ALL SESSIONS... 20 x $1000 Program on Thursday Nov 20th @7pm (20 on the 20th)... Pick The Spot promo $100 voucher Thursday's all month long... Super Accumulator Comeback Draw Last Monday @7pm session in October 27th $3000 MUST GO... *NEW VIP GAME EVERY 15TH OF THE MONTH* Nov 7th (Friday) - (Band Night) Oct 29 (Wednesday) - All Winners Game Every Session Oct 31 (Friday) Halloween Costume contest HOTLINE # 905-842-4481

Turbo Challenge Bingo

$ 973   in 4 numbers or less

October 31   7:00PM

POD Progressive Jackpot

$ 5520   Available to be won on 100 Degrees or Top Floor

October 31   7:00PM

Delta Balls Progressive

$ 1000  

October 31   7:00PM

Early Bird

$ 1500   in 56 numbers or less

October 31   7:00PM

Delta Progressive

$ 5000   in 52 numbers or less

October 31   7:00PM

Super Jackpot

$ 3000   in 55 numbers or less

October 31   7:00PM

Super Accumulator

$ 5600   in 37 numbers or less

October 31   7:00PM

You must be 18 years of age or older to play bingo.

E-Bingo has now launched!

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New ways to play the game you love!

Along with traditional bingo paper new electronic devices (Gecko's) will improve your playing experience.  Check out the new look of your Delta Bingo Oakville by clicking on the link below.

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Important news

Check out this important update about the Family Responsibility Office.  Click the pamphlet icon for more information.

Delta Bingo

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L6K 2G4
(905) 842-0876


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