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Hall: Laurel,Maryland

Daytime caller: Richard

Evening caller: Steve

Daytime manager: Charlotte

Evening manager: Craig

Must Go Monday April 14th Half our Super Jackpot Must Go $2500.00 on our evening session ....See our Monthly Calendar or News sections for more information !

8 Ball Progressive

$ 10000   20 #'s or Less

April 23   11PM

Player's Progressive

$ 10000   in 53 numbers or less

April 23   11 PM

Super Jackpot

$ 5000   In 51 Numbers or Less

April 23   11 PM

Delta Bingo Laurel, Maryland

Vegas Style Gaming

Must Go Monday $2500.00 Must Go Monday April 14th during our evening session

Bogo Bingo April 22nd at our 1pm Session, Buy 1-9 card Get 1-9card FREE

Minimum $500.00 on our Triple 7's Game all day long Wed 30th

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Delta Bingo

3605 Laurel Fort Meade Road
United States
(410) 792-0052


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