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Hall: Brampton

Daytime caller: MIKE

Evening caller: MARTY

Daytime manager: JOANNE

Evening manager: LORETO

TURBO CHALLENGE GAMES 6#'s or LESS 1 LINE or 4 CORNERS $1000 FREE GAME - October 22th 10:00pm - 59#'s $1000

Turbo Challenge

$ 423   In 4#'s or less for 1 line or 4 corners

October 23   1PM

POD Progressive Jackpot

$ 12381  

October 23   1PM

Delta Balls Progressive

$ 700  

October 23   1PM

Two line pot (TP)

$ 414  

October 23   1PM

Full Card Pot (FCP)

$ 127  

October 23   1PM

Early Bird Jackpot

$ 1500   In 50#'s or less

October 23   1PM

Super Jackpot

$ 2500   in 52#'s or less

October 23   1PM


$ 2500   in 50#'s or Less

October 23   1PM

Super Accumulator

$ 11600   in 37#'s or less

October 23   1PM

Bonus Jackpot

$ 1500   in 51#s or less

October 23   1PM

Double Action Progressive #1

$ 500   10 #'s or less

October 23   1PM

Double Action Progressive #2

$ 500   8#'s or less

October 23   1PM

Double Action Progressive #3

$ 100   8#'s or less

October 23   1PM

Double Action Progressive #4

$ 500   10 #'s or less

October 23   1PM

Double Action Progressive #5

$ 305   8#'s or less

October 23   1PM


LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and appetizers will be served between 5:30 and 7 pm.  DOOR PRIZES TO BE WON AT ALL SESSIONS!! 

FREE FALL $1,000 game in 58#'s Monday October 21th @ 10 pm session. $50.00 Consolation.

Desg. number will increase daily, free game will be played Sunday - Thursday @ 10 pm and Friday and Saturday @ 4 pm.

Play Turbo Challenge and win your Turbo Charge Card to double your win.*

Monday-Thursday play Turbo BEFORE the 1pm session @12:30 pm and during 1 pm intermission in October, win a turbo challenge charge card to use and double any future turbo win on ANY session!

SUPER ACCUMULATOR COME BACK DRAW Tuesday October 14th AT 7PM $1000 prize to a CUSTOMER IN ATTENDANCE. Consolation $50.00 Gift Certificate.

NEW come out and play our new Friday 4 pm session!

POD Progressive Jackpot WORTH OVER $12,000. Now better than ever 100 Degrees and Top Floor POD games! Two fun games one BIG Jackpot!


You must be 18 years of age or older to play at this hall

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Check out this important update about the Family Responsibility Office.  Click the pamphlet icon for more information.


12X$1000 Program every Friday and Saturday 7:00 pm @ 10:00pm! $10 any book to dab.

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